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* New Noet Freebies available! *

== Explorers of Gor ==


	This enchanting escapade is the most important quest of Tarl
Cabot’s career. He must retrieve a potent shield ring from a
strange explorer. It is imperative that the omnipotent Priest-Kings
obtain this ring so that the Goreans do not challenge their
enormous power. Throughout his expedition, Cabot learns of
uncharted territories on Earth’s cosmic counterpart. In the dense
forests he discovers, Cabot must use his skills to endure the
perils that await his arrival. Cabot will encounter Go
Regular Price: $11.99

== Dancer of Gor ==


	Doreen Williamson is a quiet, shy librarian on Earth. Like
many other young women, she is distrustful of her attractions,
frightened of men, introverted in manner and sexually inhibited.
She lives within a quiet, lonely, dissatisfying, sheltered, and
frustrated desperation, distant from her true self, her nature
denied, her only friends books and her secret thoughts. In the
realization and enactment of a profound fantasy, after acute
self-conflict, she dares to study a form of dance in 
Regular Price: $9.99

== Mariners of Gor ==


	Many on Gor do not believe the great ship of Tersites, the
lame, scorned, half-blind, half-mad shipwright, originally of Port
Kar, exists. Surely it is a matter of no more than legend. In the
previous book, however, Swordsmen of Gor, we learned that
the great ship, commissioned by unusual warriors for a mysterious
mission, was secretly built in the northern forests and brought
down the Alexandra to Thassa, the sea, beginning her voyage to the
“World’s End,” hazarding waters beyond the “
Regular Price: $11.99

==  ==

Regular Price: 

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