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* New Logos Freebies available! *

== 中文和合本普通话朗读圣经 Chinese CUV Mandarin Audio Bible ==

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== NT176 The Gospel Message in the Early Church (Audio) ==

The Gospel Message in the Early Church (NT176) is presented by a team of respected Christian theologians, including Frank James, Lynn Cohick, Michael Goheen, Darrell Bock, Douglas Moo, Beth Jones, and Frederick Cardoza. These scholars are well published in NT, Church History, and Christian Education, and their combined expertise allows students to gain clear insight into the early church as they study the NT. This course covers the dynamic growth of the early church, the gospel message, key mark...
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== Defined by God 2012 Conference Audio ==

The Defined by God conference brought together speakers from around the world to speak truth into the lives of pastor’s wives. Now you’ll be able to access all seven sessions whenever you’d like.
Throughout the more than eight hours of footage from Defined by God 2012, you’ll walk through the struggles of being a pastor’s wife, and be refreshed and encouraged. You’ll be equipped and empowered for better service.

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== Galatians: Broken by His Cross, Healed by His Spirit (23 audio sermons) ==

Paul’s letter to the Galatians played a central role in the Protestant Reformation, particularly in the preaching and writing of Martin Luther and John Calvin. In that tradition, this 23-part sermon series by pastor, teacher, preacher, professor, theologian, and author John Piper delivers a passionate and exegetically careful defense of the Reformation understanding of Paul’s gospel of justification by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone apart from the works of the law.
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== ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible ==

Now the complete ESV Bible comes alive in audio format! The new ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible provides more than 75 hours of Bible reading, conveniently captured in digital form for listening at home, in your car, or on your mobile device. The word-for-word precision, literary excellence, dignity, and beauty of the ESV Bible come through with remarkable clarity in this audio recording. The ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible is ideal for busy commuters, people on the go, and for the visually impaired—anyone who prefers to listen to as well as read the Bible. Now you can listen to precise word-for-word translation of the ESV and engage with the Word of God like never before.
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== Lexham English Bible Audio New Testament (LEB) ==

Listen to the New Testament with the warm, genuine, word-for-word narration of Marv Allen. This resource provides an easy and convenient way to hear God’s Word. Whether you’re in your car, at the gym, or in the comfort of your home, the audio version of the LEB New Testament will bring you inspiration and a new perspective of the Bible.

The LEB is a new translation of the Bible into English. It clearly communicates the meaning of the original languages and gives you a clear English translation, and shows you how it gets there. It is one of the components in a suite of resources from Logos Bible Software which connect the original language texts to formal translations.
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