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* New Logos Freebies available! *

== Live Intimately: Lessons from the Upper Room ==


This is it. After three years of ministry, traveling the
countryside, encountering thousands of desperate people, delivering
a radical new message, Jesus has one last night to spend with His
disciples. And He knows it.
Regular Price: $18.99
Sale Price: $0.00

== Brian's Choice ==


Brian's Choice is an e-only novella prequel to the
brand-new Plain and Simple Miracles collection from popular author
Vannetta Chapman (A Promise for Miriam). These stories of
love and family and Amish community in Oklahoma tell of the
miracles that can happen when lives are lived in service to God and
to one another.
Regular Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $0.00

== Dr. Horatio vs. the Six-Toed Cat ==


This bonus e-only short story is the perfect introduction to
bestselling author Virginia Smith's latest series, Tales from the
Goose Creek B&B. Set in the years before the Richardsons launch
their bed-and-breakfast scheme, the quirky residents of the small
Kentucky town are all in a tizzy over the upcoming Fall Festival.
Alison, Al and Millie's headstrong daughter, astounds everyone with
the news that she's getting married—in three weeks—to a Colombian!
As her parents frantically try 
Regular Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $0.00

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