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Office 2010 Starter is a low end edition of Microsoft Office, which was exclusively available as a preinstalled version on new computers in a number of countries. The download links on the Microsoft servers for Office 2010 Starter leaked a couple of times in the past, but are currently unavailable.

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With the release of Office 365, Microsoft Office is now tightly integrated with the Cloud, Skydrive, the Windows Live services etc. As a result of this change, the majority of the download versions of the Office 2013 applications is no longer delivered as publicly available files on the Digital River servers, but directly streamed onto the client devices from Microsoft's servers. There is also an alternative download source with the backup images directly from Microsoft. Both download sources make up a complete repository or all Office 2013 downloads.

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Digital River is Microsoft's service provider for e-commerce. Basically every product that Microsoft sells in their online stores worldwide is delivered via the Digital River servers. You'll find the full list of all available Windows 7 disk images here, in many languages, both with and without SP1 integrated, both 32 and 64 bit versions.

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Digital River hosts almost every edition of Microsoft Office 2010 in any language it has been localised into. This article features the complete list of almost 2000 official Office 2010 disk images and installation executables in 38 languages, including all office editions, components, and language packs.

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Windows Vista was available from the Digital River online store, and some of the download links are still accessible. Most of the links that can be found on the web now are dead, but I managed to search and collect all that is necessary to still download a full version of Windows Vista in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

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