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Amazon released the first Kindle ebook reader in 2007, which has been a huge success ever since. The Kindle owes much of its popularity due to the fact that there are thousands of free books available. Amazon also regularly gives away free apps, MP3 music, videos and audio books for their Android based Kindle Fire tablet, Fire Phone and Fire TV.

Free Kindle Bestsellers every day!

HeiDoc.net offers access to a massive database of free Kindle offers. We scrape the various Kindle bestseller lists for free books multiple times per day, and any time we find something new, we add the new findings to our freebies list, no matter whether it's a permanently free classic book, or a limited time free promotion. You have the choice between all Amazon country sites: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, China, India, Brazil and Mexico. Per country site, there's an average of about 1500 free books that can be accessed. About 250 of these are replaced by new freebies each day.

The same way, we crawl the bestseller lists for free Audio Books, Instant Videos, MP3 Music, and Android Apps & Games.

Amazon Kindle Freebies Newsletters

For each of our freebie lists we provide a newsletter that sends out all new findings, ordered by genres. We send out newsletters four times per day, since some books might only be free for a few hours. The newsletter always contains the full list of all freebies for all genres. You can subscribe on each of the websites for the free books, audio books, videos, MP3 music and apps. If you want to be more selective about the freebies you receive, you might want to try an RSS Feed instead.

Amazon Kindle Freebies RSS Feeds

An RSS Feed grants you full flexibility on the genre of the free items you want to see, how frequently you receive updates, and via which medium (email, social media, feed reader etc.)

You can create your personal tailor-made RSS Feed of freebies that match your interests on the RSS Feed Composer. The composer is very simple to use. Select the shop you want to receive freebies from, use the help button to get a list of all available genres, and add those that interest you to your feed one by one, line by line.

Grab your Kindle Freebies

Free offers can be very short lived, so it will be wise to pick any titles immediately, even if you're not sure whether you want to read them in the future. You can even add freebies to your account before purchasing the Kindle reader.

Free offers might also have expired between the last database update and the time you look them up. Sometimes offers are also restricted by the region of purchase. So before you press the order button, please double check whether the download is still free of charge indeed.

Should you buy a book by mistake, you can return it in your Kindle Library through the link in the drop down list. The price you paid for it will be credited back to your card immediately.