HeiDoc.net: The Technology Treasure Chest


  • Fractint

    Very nice fractal generator, the oldest and best of its kind. Fractint was first published in 1988, and provides a massive variety of functions and options.

  • GAP

    GAP, short for "Groups, Algorithms and Programming", is a free system for computational discrete algebra, and helpful for abstract calculations in many areas of group theory.

  • Logos Bible Software

    Logos is a very comprehensive Bible study tool offering lots of resources. The software itself is free, and you can browse the shop for a couple of free and discounted books. For full functionality, you can consider buying one of the libraries.

  • MiKTeX

    MiKTeX is a free mathematical typesetting software, based on LaTeX. It has more powerful functions than any word processor, but lacks a WYSIWYG interface, so it takes some time getting used to working with it.

  • Technology & Science

    A wide variety of of technological topics is covered in this section. Come in and explore, and you'll discover a treasure chest full of goodies. We mainly feature the official Microsoft software downloads, but also a lot of resources for website owners and programmers.