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Cross-border sales are usually tax-free. However, if you sell digital goods, your customers usually don't provide you with their address or location. Lacking knowledge on their loaction, you have no choice but to pay VAT on those sales anyway, especially if their IP address is inconclusive.

This problem now is a problem of the past. Having to deal with it for some years, having seen many frustrating discussions on the PayPal forum, all ending with the same conclusion that no-one had any idea how to extract the customer's country information, I took it upon myself to get this done. So here it is, the Paypal-Origin-Country app, which gives you the payer's country, no matter whether they wanted to share it with you or not!

Download: paypal-origin-country.exe (portable)
Version: 1.02
Release Date: 2 December 2020
Requirements: Windows 7 or newer, .NET Framework 4.x
Other: PayPal API credentials, which you can apply for here

License: Small businesses (and individuals) with less than € 2000 quarterly PayPal revenue don't need a license. Licenses for businesses (and individuals) with € 2000 quarterly revenue or more start at € 2.50 per quarter. Full license cost information is available on the app's start screen. This model of providing the app to small businesses for a low fee or even for free on a basis of trust can only work if people pay their respective license fees. If you like the tool, and use it for making money, do pay for your license. Otherwise, I will have to sell it under a more expensive license or subscription model in the future. (You may notice that it is not possible to use the tool on transactions dated on or later than 1 January 2021, and that design is on purpose, so in case of widespread abuse I can easily switch to a new model.)

Support: For any support issues, please use our support forum. Current bugs and issues should be addressed in the forum and not by email or Facebook, so that other users can also benefit from the discussion.

Release History

Version 1.02 (2 December 2020): Added licence cost in Romanian Lei and Turkish Lira.
Version 1.01 (18 September 2020): Better error handling; updated to Bootstrap 4.5.2; added licence cost in Hungarian Forint.
Version 1.00 (17 June 2020): Initial release.