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SAPconnect is the interface that connecs NetWeaver to external communication servers such as SMTP (e-mail) and fax, and is also part of the NetWeaver Trial installation. Setting the interface up is quite simple. Once done, you'll be able to send e-mails from your Mini SAP.

The SAP Netweaver Trial Version, also known as Mini SAP, only has one single development user BCUSER after initial installation. Although you can create new users and even equip them with development authorisations, every attempt to perform actual development tasks with them will fail because they lack a valid developer key. This article will show you how to disable this check routine for developer keys, so that any user with all necessary authorisations can also create and edit objects in the customer namespaces.

Some time ago, I was looking for some demonstration how to get data from SAP into an XML file and vice versa, but found nothing satisfactory on the web. So I had to start developing the try and error method. By now, I believe, I've gathered enough knowledge to write that tutorial myself. Well, here it comes, and with it the complete ABAP and XSLT source code, and hopefully enough explanation that you'll be able to develop an understanding what is happening, and to use it for your own projects.

SAP has been offering a trial system called Mini SAP for many years. It's a powerful application to run on your home computer, for training purposes, to try out new things, or to create custommer demonstrations. This article will show you how to get the most out of it. This tutorial is written both for absolute ABAP and SAP beginners who want to get into SAP development quickly, as well as experienced SAP users who don't know how to set up and work with the trial system.

Toolbox is one of the main software packages used by SIL staff. The software provided here supports converting those Toolbox files to Microsoft Word XML file format.