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  • Digital River Download Files MD5 Checksums

    The following MD5 hashes have been retrieved from azcdn01.digitalrivercontent.net through the Microsoft Azure REST API while that server was still available. All files for which Digital River has published a hash are listed here. Unfortunately, this list covers only about half of the available downloads, but I hope it will be useful nonetheless.

  • Fake oder Fälschung: Das Experiment

    Noch nie waren Microsoft Windows und Office so günstig wie heute. Die eBay-Verkäufer und andere Billiganbieter befinden sich im Preiskrieg. Die Preise purzeln zusehends, so dass es einem beim Durchstöbern von eBay regelmäß in den Fingerspitzen kitzelt, um zum Bestpreis zuzuschlagen. Ein Grund zur Freude für die Nutzer?! Oder ein Schelm, wer böses dabei denkt?

  • Free and Discounted Software for Students

    For students worldwide, Microsoft has some very special programmes called MSDNAA, Dream Spark and The Ultimate Steal, through which it's possible to get a variety of Microsoft software products either for free or at a very low rate.

  • How to set up SAPconnect for Mini SAP

    SAPconnect is the interface that connecs NetWeaver to external communication servers such as SMTP (e-mail) and fax, and is also part of the NetWeaver Trial installation. Setting the interface up is quite simple. Once done, you'll be able to send e-mails from your Mini SAP.

  • Hyper-V, Virtual PC and XP Mode

    For many years, Microsoft has been offering free virtualisation tools and trial virtual hard disks. The use of virtualisation techniques is quite common in professional environments now, but can be very helpful for personal use as well.

  • Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool

    This tool allows an easy and comfortable way to download genuine Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 disk images (ISO) directly from Microsoft's servers, as well as Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016, and Office 2011 for Mac.

  • Microsoft Windows und Office Direkte Download Links

    Bis Februar 2015 hat Microsoft fast sämtliche Software-Versionen von Windows, Office und viele andere auf den Servern von Digital River bereit gestellt. Leider sind diese Server nun abgeschaltet. Das ist sehr ärgerlich, wenn man für die Software bezahlt hat, und sie nun nicht mehr downloaden kann. Einige Möglichkeiten gibt es aber immer noch.

  • Windows 7 Direct Download Links

    The Windows 7 direct downloads are back! You can use our new ISO download tool to generate temporary download links on the Microsoft server. All downloads that were previously available on Digital, River are accessible once again, plus many more (more languages, OEM versions, Get Genuine Kits etc.)

  • Windows 8.x and Windows 10 ISO Direct Download Links

    Disk images for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 have never been available for public download on Digital River, but can now be accessed through our new Download Tool. In this article we share some tips and tricks on those Windows ISO files, and point to alternative sources that Microsoft provides for these operating systems, in addition to the ISO downloads.

  • Windows Vista Direct Download Links

    Windows Vista used to be available for public download on servers owned by Digital River, Microsoft's service provider for e-commerce. As of February 2015, these downloads have been pulled. "Free" access to the OS disk images is no longer possible.