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  • A Quick Guide to Global Shopping with Amazon

    Who doesn't know Amazon? The biggest online reseller serves more than 50% of the world's population in their own contry. However, the 15 local Amazon stores are open to almost everyone else as well, giving the world easy access to a huge product range. In this article we share some tips and tricks how to make use of such gigantic selection, and the best ways to save some money.

  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing by E-Mail

    As Amazon Associates, we're allowed to place their Special Links onto sites of our own registered domains only. Once we want to recommend a product through a blog comment, through a forum posting, by e-mail, or by any offline publication, we're not allowed to use Special Links any longer. Any Amazon marketing activity outside our own sites is strictly forbidden, and can lead to termination of the associate agreement. We can, however, link to our own site, and point our customers to Amazon from there.

  • Amazon Global

    Amazon is one of the world's biggest online retailers providing a wide variety of products, good prices and great service. Amazon even gives away loads of digital products for free, mainly digital books for their Kindle reader. Here you can find tips and tricks for Amazon shopping, save money on your purchases by comparing prices globally, and a giant list of free Kindle books. Have a look and do your Kindle shopping for free!

  • Amazon Kindle eBook Downloader

    The HeiDoc.net eBook Downloader connects to the Kindle Cloud Reader and can convert any of your Kindle books into an HTML document.

  • Best Bible Apps for Amazon Kindle Fire

    There is an ever growing number of Bible apps for the Kindle Fire, and it's not easy keeping the overview, especially choosing a suitable app for your Bible reading. Some contain a lot of advertising, others require a permanent internet connection, or similar restrictions. Others focus on a certain denomination, or provide additional features. We've picked the best Bible apps for you, and compare features, languages, available translations etc.

  • Free Content for Your Amazon Kindle (books, apps and more)

    Amazon released the first Kindle ebook reader in 2007, which has been a huge success ever since. The Kindle owes much of its popularity due to the fact that there are thousands of free books available. Amazon also regularly gives away free apps, MP3 music, videos and audio books for their Android based Kindle Fire tablet, Fire Phone and Fire TV.

  • Geolocating and Geotargeting Your Visitors

    The IP address reveals a website's visitor's location, but it requires a bit of programming work to find out which country they're from. Once you know the visitor's country, you can also deliver some country specific content such as banners ads. This article will help you to implement this procedure. To follow the tutorial, you'll need some basic understanding of PHP and SQL.